Jan & Alfons Diepstraten
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Jan & Alfons Diepstraten

Meet our growers Jan and Alfons Diepstraten

Etten-Leur | The Netherlands

"Every year our glasshouse blackberries are becoming sweeter, bigger and juicier than ever before, this makes us really proud. Although it’s always a challenge to find the best growing circumstances for our berries, we couldn’t think of a better job.

It makes us proud to see that our glasshouse blackberries are becoming sweeter, bigger and juicier every year

Growing is in our blood. When we first started running our family business, we were mainly producing vegetables. But after hearing the great stories about berries, we became interested and started a strawberry trial with Driscoll’s. This was such a big success that we also planted blackberry plants.

It makes us very happy to see the positive results of the time and effort we put into our berries. It’s always exciting to discover how these plants grow best. That is why we are doing a lot of research on how to make these blackberries even more delicious, beautiful and fresh. After all, it’s all about making sure consumers can enjoy the finest fruits!"

Grown with love
Driscolls grower Sean Tager

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